Monday, October 15, 2007

Crater Lake

Sunday, October 7, 2007

October visit to Oregon

Aaron is so creative! I love seeing all his projects. His latest? FREE homemade whisper-lite stoves. That amazing "burner" flame in the picture with us is made out of an aluminum soda can. We brought the V-8 juice in those mini cans that you are always enjoying when you come to visit us, Michael, and Aaron also made a bunch of mini burners out of those mini cans. They are the right size if you just want to heat up your Sierra cup. I'm excited to come home and start making soda can stoves. They burn denatured alcohol or Heet which is methanol. Anyway, I should let him toot his own horn but I'm really amazed at these stoves which burn better than a whisper lite (at least the ones we have hanging around) and are free - to boot. Ingenious!

He is also making necklaces for his family out of baby burls. He also has a homemade lazer out of a laser from an old dvd writer and an altoids can. Josh is SO envious of that creation he can hardly stand it. He wants one so bad. Even after getting Aaron's blue prints he thinks it's way too complicated for him to duplicate. Someday. Who has Joshua's name for Christmas? Get Aaron's blue prints and make Josh an Altoids laser for under $15.00. You'll be his friend for life.

It's Autumn up here - going onto winter. Brentwood is still beautiful and Indian Summer. It's cooler in Brentwood, though, than other years.

Yesterday we went to the beach in the rain and gathered up a few agates. We were planning a trip down the coast but it depends on the rain.